Monday, July 19, 2010

Out Now

Pissypaw/Weirding Module "Split" cassette
Lost Animal "Demos" cassette
The Heartbeat "Alaska" cassette
6Majik9 "You Cunt Be Serious" cassette
Terror Bird "Demos" cassette
Zack Kouns "Animals Hidden In The Waiste high Grass" cdr

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I've been selling my distro stock through Missing Link, Sunshine & Grease, El Joyero, so drop in there for a squizz, or check it out though me.

Got a bunch of great stuff at the moment, check out the full list here:

Highlights include these 7"s

The C&B "Pre Shadow-Ring Recordings" $12 (Early recordings of what became the brilliant Shadow Ring)

The Tobacconists "The Dark Secrets Of Dr Perati" $13 (Featuring Scott Foust of IFCO/Tart/Shadow Ring/Swill Radio fame)

Ryan Garbes "Real Sugar" $10 (Of Wet Hair and Dunebuggy, first vinyl after many tapes)

Tyvek "Mary Ellen Claims b/w Honda" $11

Gummy Stump "Up Date From The Nostalgiosphere" $10 (Charming Scottish garage band)

Lamps "The Role Of The Dogcatcher In African American Urban Folklore" $10

Rosemary Krust "Self Titled" $6 (Debut vinyl from RK from Baltimore)

The Polyps "Fennel's Daughter" $5

Them, Themselves Or They "Sunshine" $8

Sam Gas Can "Aswang" $7

Mercy Light $7 (Violin, Double Bass, Drums jam)

La La Vasquez "Mexican Ghost" $8

Pheromoans "Revamper" $10 (Get it and you'll have fun, for fans of the fall and the shadow ring!) for orders/enquiries. Available while i and my stockists have it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


hi. things are good. time for a swim in the water in front of the sand reeds.

i have a distro up and running working out of the alberts basement myspace ( and email address. Its set up below the alberts basement releases on the myspace page. If zullys goaty tapes and rafs eggy records is your thing, or you're a pheromoans, tyvek or rosemary krust fan, there's plenty of good music available at affordable prices for checking out. peace on the frankston train -michael