Thursday, June 10, 2010


I've been selling my distro stock through Missing Link, Sunshine & Grease, El Joyero, so drop in there for a squizz, or check it out though me.

Got a bunch of great stuff at the moment, check out the full list here:

Highlights include these 7"s

The C&B "Pre Shadow-Ring Recordings" $12 (Early recordings of what became the brilliant Shadow Ring)

The Tobacconists "The Dark Secrets Of Dr Perati" $13 (Featuring Scott Foust of IFCO/Tart/Shadow Ring/Swill Radio fame)

Ryan Garbes "Real Sugar" $10 (Of Wet Hair and Dunebuggy, first vinyl after many tapes)

Tyvek "Mary Ellen Claims b/w Honda" $11

Gummy Stump "Up Date From The Nostalgiosphere" $10 (Charming Scottish garage band)

Lamps "The Role Of The Dogcatcher In African American Urban Folklore" $10

Rosemary Krust "Self Titled" $6 (Debut vinyl from RK from Baltimore)

The Polyps "Fennel's Daughter" $5

Them, Themselves Or They "Sunshine" $8

Sam Gas Can "Aswang" $7

Mercy Light $7 (Violin, Double Bass, Drums jam)

La La Vasquez "Mexican Ghost" $8

Pheromoans "Revamper" $10 (Get it and you'll have fun, for fans of the fall and the shadow ring!) for orders/enquiries. Available while i and my stockists have it.